Are you looking for a Dynamic, Quality Youth Speaker your teen group will remember and ask for time and time again? Jason Griffin is referred too often as a “DON’T Want to Miss” Youth Motivational Speaker.  Jason…Connects, Relates, Interacts, Entertains, Motivates, Inspires, Encourages, and Empowers…Youth to Be More, See More, Do More and Achieve More—Daily!!

In today’s society, there are so many issues related to our youth that need to be addressed; drugs,violence, gangs, bullying…the list goes on and on. As a kid growing up and as a teenager, Griffin never really understood how important it was to have a relationship with God, to be grateful and appreciative of family, and that without an education it would be difficult to achieve a career. Griffin wanted to give back to youth by speaking about GFSC and help encourage them to become successful in life. He originated GFSC, which stands for God, Family, School, and Career. These are the major concepts that he speaks about in different cities throughout the U.S. to inspire and motivate the youth to be successful students and outstanding individuals. Griffin speaks about GFSC to inspire youth to understand the importance of God, appreciate family and to not take parents for granted, the importance of getting an education, and that no matter what career an individual has dreams to become, as long as they have faith in God, confidence in themselves, and the will to persevere they can achieve any goal they have set in life. Griffin believes that GFSC motivates, inspires, encourages, and empowers youth to be more, see more, do more, and achieve more…daily!